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Top 7 Most-Wished-For Amazon Products We Want To Try In 2024

We all know Amazon is the mecca for online shopping, but which of their thousands upon thousands of products is a must-try for 2024?

We did a deep dive into the most wished-for Amazon products to find which of these most-wished-for Amazon products we want to try in 2024. Here's what we found

Most-Wished-For Amazon Products:

most wished for amazon products touchland hand sanitizer

We have seen the Touchland hydrating hand sanitizer everywhere and are so intrigued. Are they really the best hand sanitizer around or are they completely over hyped? We plan to find out this year.

If you've tried out the Touchland santizer share with us your thoughts in the comments, and what is your favorite scent?

most wished for amazon products woobles

Two years ago Jenni hopped on the knitting wagon, and now she's ready to venture into the crochet world. Woobles seem to be a great place to start when looking into the craft.

They're supposed to be beginner-friendly, super fun, and they are absolutely adorable when they're finished. We can't wait to give them a try this year.

most wished for amazon products instant pot

Late last year we were gifted an air fryer. We've yet to unbox it and start using it, but it's there and ready for all kinds of beautiful recipes to be created inside.

However, we both work from home now and are completely on board with trying out an Instant Pot for some great, healthy, and satisfying recipes. If you have any recipes we should try, drop them in the comments below.

most wished for amazon products walking pad

Jenni just made the leap to a sitting/standing desk combo, and she's ready to try out one of these walking pads to see what all of the hype is about. She's not convinced she can walk and type at the same time, but she sure is ready to try.

The biggest appeal of the walking pad versus a traditional treadmill is the lightweight nature paired with the ability to slide it under any desk. We think it'll be a great option for all of those "get healthy" new year's resolutions.

most wished for amazon products mini projector

2024 is the year of experiences, and that means spending more time outside enjoying nature and each other's company. We think this portable projector is a great way to embrace the experience of movies and TV in the outdoors.

It's a little pricey, but it could definitely be a great investment into the grand adventure that is 2024.

most wished for amazon products collapsible utility wagon

This collapsible cart looks like an amazing companion for camping, an evening outside in the summertime, family picnics, or even road trips throughout the year.

It can hold your yummy drinks and snacks, family activities, mini cooktops, and more for easy access and transportation. We're definitely adding this to our wish list for this year!

most wished for amazon products portable power supply

The final most-wished-for Amazon product is this portable power supply. This is a great option for camping or long road trips where you won't have access to outlets to charge your devices.

It's completely solar-powered, so no need to charge it in a traditional outlet. We've chosen to add the mini version to our wish list, but here is a larger version for those who have more devices or are just looking for a more hearty option.


These are the 7 most-wished-for Amazon products we want to try in 2024.

We don't know where to start! We have everything from the simplest Touchland hand sanitizer to the more advanced walking pad. If you have suggestions on a starting point or have more products we should add to the "must-try" list, let us know in the comments below! We love to hear your thoughts on our recommendations and also hear your insights.



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