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Top 10 Travel Essentials That You Can Order From Amazon Right Now

After our extensive time traveling by air, sea, and land, we consider ourselves packing experts. So, we've decided to share some of our most-used travel essentials with you. The links in this post are affiliate links. This does not affect the price of the item for you, it just means we receive a percentage of the purchase price back as a commission. These affiliate links are what keep our business running, so we appreciate your support!

travel essentials roam luggage

Okay, we cheated on the first essential, because you actually can't order this one from Amazon. However, we have a $50 off offer from ROAM Luggage. Hopefully that makes up for the lack of Amazon Prime...

ROAM Luggage allows you the wonderful opportunity to customize your suitcase. You can control the color scheme of almost every part from the shell to the wheels and the zipper. Not only does this make luggage way more fun, it also makes it easier to spot on the infamous airport baggage carousel.

We have found that the color can be scuffed off the bag, but the integrity of the luggage itself remains strong and steady through lots of wear and tear.

travel essentials travelon toiletry bag

The next thing you're going to need is a toiletry bag. One of our favorites is this classic from Travelon. It has both wet and dry compartments, and the wet compartment is fully TSA-compliant (and comes with bottles!).

The bag folds up into a nice, compact size, and when you arrive at your destination you can use the included hanger (attached to the bag) to hang the toiletry bag. This makes it so convenient to access all of your items while you're on your trip.

This bag has held up extremely well through spills and shoving it into bags. It's built to last.

travel essentials bottle covers

If you're packing a checked bag that includes full-size toiletry products, we've found an awesome product that can help keep your suitcase nice and dry. These silicone bottle covers are affordable, and an amazing option to keep your bottles closed.

We're typically carry-on travelers when we fly, but for roadtrips we're all about the full-size products and we've had many-a shampoo bottle explode in our bag. These covers can seriously reduce that damage.

travel essentials travel pillow

Traveling can be uncomfortable, so we're all about finding products that make the journey a little less daunting. Neck pillows are one of those products. There are so, so many options to choose from, but we love a versatile option like this pillow from Dot&Dot.

You can manipulate it into different shapes depending on how and where you're sleeping. It also comes in several adorable colors, and we love options!

travel essentials packing cubes

When we fly, we try to pack carry-on only. This can be a challenge. One of the items we've found that helps the process are packing cubes. Much like the neck pillow, there are hundreds upon hundreds of packing cube options. We've chosen these from OlarHike based on their durability, color options, and size versatility.

travel essentials travelon backpack

Once you get to your destination, you'll need a bag to carry around your daily essentials, camera equipment, etc. Jenni swears by this backpack from Travelon. It's cute, durable, and has locking zippers to added security.

We have yet to find a backpack that holds up as well as this one with all of the additional security features that still looks stylish. Travelon really outdid themselves on this one.

travel essentials power adapter

If you're traveling outside of the country, you'll need a power adapter. There are several different brands to choose from, but we're going with this affordable and highly rated option from TESSAN.

travel essentials airpod pros

Earbuds are a MUST on long travel days. For music, we prefer wireless earbuds like the Airpod Pros. This allows for maximum range of motion, top quality sound, and an overall comfortable fit. We recommend getting an option with noise canceling, especially if you're on a flight, because the ambient noise can get pretty loud.

travel essentials over ear headphones

For in-flight entertainment, we prefer an over-the-ear headphone option. While these can make it more difficult to sleep, they're typically more comfortable for long periods of listening. We have a few options we like, but the headphones from Technics are a great option if you're looking for comfort and great sound quality. They also offer a wireless and wired option with every pair.

travel essentials travelon purse

Our final essential is for our non-backpack travelers. This crossbody bag from Travelon offers the same slash-proof fabric, locking zippers, and comfortable fit as the backpack mentioned earlier in this post. It's spacious, cute, and a great option for our travelers who prefer a purse. It also comes in three different colorways.

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