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Must Have Road Trip Snacks 2024

Sch-nacks are the most important part of a road trip (besides a banging playlist). So we're sharing our must have road trip snacks of 2024. See something missing? Share your faves in the comments so we can add them to our must have list for our next road trip.

A little note before we start: these are not healthy snacks. We are not road tripping with carrots and hummus. If that's what you like to do, that's great! That's just not our style for road trips.

Must Have Road Trip Snacks - Drinks:

must have road trip snacks coca-cola

Joanie's go-to drink is a nice cold Coca-Cola. It's classic and delicious, and it's always a part of our road trip essentials.

must have road trip snacks gatorade zero berry

Jenni doesn't have one single drink she loves for road trips. She goes with the flow of flavors. However, one of her favorite drinks is a Gatorade Zero in Berry. It's refreshing and sweet, and can be purchased at any grocery store or gas station. You can even order a giant pack of them on Amazon.

Must Have Road Trip Snacks - Salty:

must have road trip snacks combos

The first must have snack, and the absolute holy grail of road trip snacks are Combos, but specifically the cheddar cheese in pretzel flavor.

These are deliciously salty and poppable. You can eat them while driving even if you're alone and have no one to hand you snacks. They are undoubtedly the perfect road trip snack.

must have road trip snacks jack links tender bites

This can be a polarizing one, but Jenni personally LOVES beef jerky, especially the Jack Link tender bites. It's a great source of snacking protein, and also just extremely delicious.

Joanie is not a beef jerky gal, but she doesn't mind a good Slim Jim. Also an easy-to-eat-while-driving snack.

must have road trip snacks goldfish

If you get a little nauseous on your road trip, maybe you haven't eaten in a while, Goldfish are a lifesaver. They're easy to eat, just salty enough, and have a mild flavor that can soothe your stomach. These are our go-to for those instances, but they also make a great snack in general.

Must Have Road Trip Snacks - Sweet:

must have road trip snacks m&ms

You can't have a road trip without something sweet! One of our faves is a pack of M&Ms. They're sweet. There's a huge variety. They're also super easy to eat on the road. The kind we get depends on our mood, but there really is a flavor for everyone.

must have road trip snacks oreo minis

If you're not a candy person, Oreo minis can be a great sweet option. Just like our other snacks, they're small and poppable and easy to eat while driving. Make sure you have a nice coffee to cut through that sweetness.


Road trips are for the snackers, and we're big fans! Sometimes we stock up before our trip and purchase our snacks and drinks at our local grocery stores. Other times we pick them up along the way at places like Buc-ees, Travel Centers of America, Love's, etc.

No matter how you snack, make sure you make the yummiest choices for you. That could be veggies, chips, pretzels, cookies, or anything your heart desires. That's the best part of travel, there's no right or wrong way to do it.



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